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Access to healthcare in an ever-changing environment can be difficult.  Nurse Practitioners as primary care providers make access to care much more convenient, and we treat patients as a “whole” and take all factors of your life into consideration when developing your care plan.

Non-complicated illnesses such as ear infections and sore throat, routine medication refills (non-controlled substances), review of laboratory or imaging results, and more!

Primary care visits are “by appointment only” to ensure that you get the time and attention that you deserve to take care of your needs.  We value the time of our patients and staff to ensure quality care.

Per the Virginia Board of Nursing, an NP with an independent license can work without the supervision of a physician.  Nurse Practitioners that require the supervision of a physician can still work without an on-site physician as long as they have a supervisory contract in place.  If your case requires the need for a physician or specialist we ensure that we guide you in the right direction!

We have a form in our office that can be emailed to you to fill out and provide to your previous provider or you can fill it out at an appointment and we will fax it for you.

Sick visits are used for illnesses that need to be seen within 3-5 days of onset but are not emergency care needs.  Please review the Sick Visits page.

We participate in most major insurance programs to include Anthem, Tricare, Medicare, United Health, Aetna, Cigna, and many more.  We do ask if you have an HMO program or any form of Medicaid that you change your Primary Care Provider to either Ferry Farm Health and Wellness, Ashley Cremisio, NP, or Monica Brown, NP. This change will ensure continuity of your care and minimize effects on billing processes.

Insurance does not cover nutrition infusions.  This must be a cash only program.

Unfortunately this is Federal controlled and providers are not authorized to “prescribe” medical marijuana.  Certificates are priced based on 1 year use.

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Appointments available online are not a guaranteed date and time for NEW patients.  At this time NEW patient visits are being scheduled out 2-3 months.  Please call the office if you are a NEW patient and want specific availability.